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Here at Harmonious Households, my goal is to bring harmony into your home. Whether you’re dealing with specific behavioral challenges or you just feel stuck in a parenting rut, I’m here to coach you through it.

Heartwise Method
Using the Heartwise Method, developed by Dr. Caron Goode, Founder of the Academy for Coaching Parents Institute, I will work with you to separate the head from the heart—or in other words, the emotion from the thought process. This concept allows you, as the parent, to make a realistic decisions based on what is truly important to you.

Getting Caught Between Emotion & Logic
As parents, it is easy to get caught between the emotion and the logic of how your decisions might impact your child. This can often be paralyzing, which can cause the issue to get swept aside, or perhaps it may result in making a snap decision that you later regret.  Imagine how it would feel if that unneeded guilt and regret could be transformed into a feeling of success! By taking a mindful approach to parenting, you can truly have a more positive impact on your children and feel more connected as a family.


What is Family Coaching & How Can it Help Your Family?

Family coaching is inspirational, educational, and practical. We will discover together how much you already know about creating your ideal home life, and I will provide practical skill training in a way that allows you to use new concepts immediately. Coaching is designed to unlock and maximize your parenting potential by following your progress and encouraging accountability through personal feedback.

The focus of coaching is to achieve your goals in parenting and communication. We will identify specific plans and ways of thinking that will move you towards achieving your desired goals. By focusing on the present and the future, we can begin to heal the past and create positive forward movement into a healthy family life.

The structure of coaching is flexible. We will design a coaching arrangement together that meets your individual needs and schedule. The basic design consists of an intake interview, an initial session to create a coaching strategy, and regular on-going coaching sessions.

Coaching sessions are usually weekly, lasting from a half an hour to an hour. Sessions may be focused on one specific challenge you are facing, or on a much broader set of family issues.







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