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“I find Leanna to be an amazing coach with only your best interest and your family’s well-being at the heart of a coaching relationship. She is enthusiastic in her desire to support parents and inspiring as well because she empowers your shift in mindset by encouraging deeper insight. Leanna hears people’s words and can tap into their emotions which are important qualities to have as a coach. If you are looking to find a deeper connection with your family Leanna is the right coach for you. I highly recommend her services.”

-Dr. Caron Goode

Founder – Academy for Coaching Parents International (ACPI)


“Leanna has excellent insight in how to work with children and troubleshoot challenging problems.  My two-year old son, Zachary, cried and screamed for me when I would leave for work in the morning, and it was upsetting and stressful for everyone. Leanna coached me on how to talk with my son about how it makes people sad when he cries in the morning and she had us make a “sticker” chart so that he gets a reward when he is “happy” in the morning.  Leanna also coached me on how to explain to Zachary in the morning that I was going to leave so he could be prepared and to encourage him to be happy and not cry about it. This worked beautifully! Zachary was better the very next day, and mornings are so much more pleasant.  

I would never have done this without Leanna’s encouragement because I was afraid that I would just upset Zachary sooner if I told him in advance that I was going to leave. But Leanna was right, and I have since used this approach successfully to deal with other problem behaviors, like calling for mommy in the middle of the night. What I really valued about Leanna’s approach was that she helped me learn how to talk to Zachary about his behavior and his feelings in ways that he could understand and learn from. I have been a parent for seven years and I had used sticker charts with Zachary’s older sister, but it hadn’t occurred to me to try to talk through the issue with my two-year old. We now have a household with less crying and a two-year old who can articulate how his behavior makes people happy or sad. Wow.”  
Rachel Arnow

Leanna helped coach me through some tough times when my son was around 7 months old and wasn’t sleeping.  I basically had to hold him throughout his whole nap because any time I tried to lay him down he would scream.  I tried putting him in his swing, laying him down slowly, but nothing worked.  This became very tiring and demanding on my physical and mental health.  I wasn’t sure I would ever be able to get him to sleep in his crib.  Leanna offered some easy steps for me to take to get him sleeping on his own.  

She truly helped me to understand that this was about setting boundaries that would set the pace for our interactions as he grows. After a few weeks of implementing these steps my son was sleeping soundly on his own. Now he is 24 months old and we have a happy, rested family, (well, most of the time:). Leanna’s coaching was so helpful to me during this time. It allowed me to develop and refine my parenting skills, which has been a huge blessing for me over the years.”

– Lynette Cooper


“Leanna has been coaching me around my relationship with my kids, discipline, communication, teaching empathy to my 4 yr old, setting intentions and clear expectations,having more fun even during busy times and the vision I have for my family. The way she navigates, keeps me on track, clarifies, and ties in everything is truly amazing. Leanna is so on point and clear.  She gives me space to express while guiding me to see new opportunity and expand into practical and loving solutions. 

I feel being proactive in coaching with her  and committing my time and energy to the process will truly help manifest all the expansive love, experiences, lessons, and light for my kids as they grow up. She is truly guiding me to deepen my relationship with my kids!

It is highly recommended for any parent to work with Leanna. We all need support…we need our “village”!!”

– Susannah Campora

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” Working and interacting with Leanna was such a pleasure and joy.  I truly looked forward to our meetings.  Leanna has such  deep insight and passion that it really came across through her work.  I felt at such ease and trusted Leanna instantly.  If you are looking for someone to reflect honesty, integrity, and sincerity, Leanna is the person to have in your life.  I would highly recommend any parents to work with Leanna, her support and passion will add a sense of calm and peace to your household!”
-Michelle Steeves