Natural Living is Mindful Living

What is natural living?

Every parent wants to make healthy decisions on the foods and products they buy for their family. It is about finding a balance between being informed but not letting it overwhelm your life.

Making these decisions can be tough. Food companies often mislead consumers into thinking products are safe, natural and healthy when they are actually the exact opposite.

Over the years I have become well aware of the deceptive nature of the food industry.

The most targeted group of people that the food industry markets to is our children. All the added sugar, preservatives and toxic ingredients added to these so called “healthy” or “natural” products is just shocking. These unnatural ingredients are linked to a whole host of health problems including obesity, diabetes and hyperactivity/ADHD. Now this isn’t to say that we should not allow kids to be kids on occasion but again it’s about balance.

Below I have listed some of my best resources to support you in keeping your family happy and healthy.

Environmental Working Group – Great database with a search feature where you can enter products and get rating on the chemical toxicity of products

Food Babe– Vani Hari is a pioneer in taking action against food companies to remove toxic ingredients. She always has up to date info on foods and products to avoid.

One Handed Cooks– This is a baby and toddler food blog that has quick and easy healthy recipes. All recipes have been taste tested by the blog writers kids and I’ve even tested some of them myself!

How do I protect my family?

For many families the transition to a more natural way of living and eating can be difficult due to busy schedules. Often times parents don’t know where to start and the whole process feels overwhelming.

Due to client request and my own passion to educate parents on this topic I have created a service to help alleviate the overwhelm this process creates.

The Healthy Home Makeover is a step by step process where we will work together to develop this lifestyle. Education is the key to success in this journey and I will ensure that you will have the tools and resources necessary to successfully take on this task.

This service is tailored to your needs but overall is designed to educate you on the deceptiveness of labels, help you be able to recognize toxic ingredients and give you the confidence to navigate the grocery store with these new tools. This process wipes away the worry and get’s your family on track to a clean, green, natural lifestyle.

Want to learn more? Click here to get more info on the Healthy Home Makeover and get your family started on the path to natural living today!