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5 Ways to Stay (Semi) Sane Through the Holiday Season

The holiday season is already upon us! With so many errands to run, parties to host/attend, gifts to buy, presents to wrap, things to cook and Elf on the Shelf antics to manage no wonder people are stressed out.   The increase of to-do’s, as well as the internal pressure to make the holiday magical for our kids can be overwhelming.  It’s easy to get lost in making this the best Christmas ever, but remember there will be next year and the year after that so take into account the type of expectations you are placing on yourself.  Don’t raise the bar too high or it may be hard to out-do yourself next year.

Set up your holiday mindfully, so you can be truly present for those magical moments made up belly laughs, sparkly grins, and the look of amazement as children take in all the wonders of the season.

Here are my Top 5 Ways to Stay Semi Sane Through the Holiday Season:

1. Focus on creating quality time with the family instead of all the tasks on your to-do list.  Simply shifting your focus can lower stress levels and ignite the true spirit of the season!

2. Sometimes family traditions can feel more like obligations.  Don’t allow family traditions to overwhelm you, make the holidays magical by creating family traditions your family truly enjoys and let go of the ones you don’t.

3.  We all have those negative family patterns that trigger us and can make family time unbearable.  Shift away from those patterns by creating guidelines for what the family all can talk about.  Keep it positive!  Try only talking about dreams, love, or future excitement .

4.  Divide and conquer!  Don’t take the brunt of the holiday preparations on your shoulders.  Give up some control and get the family involved.  Get the kids cooking, get your partner wrapping, and get grandma caroling!

5.  Don’t “should” on your holiday!  There is a lot of pressure from the media showing idealized images of perfect families and perfect holidays. Don’t compare your family to how you think things “should” be.  Set realistic expectations and give yourself and your family a break.

Remember no one gets through the holiday’s without a little family tension, a broken ornament or a few tears. Just be grateful you are not having a holiday like Clark Griswold in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.

How do you stay sane throughout the holidays?  Leave your suggestions below!

P.S.  If the Elf on the Shelf is not up your alley check out The Kindness Elves.  They are a new positive twist to the Elf on the Shelf.  Instead of focusing on who is naughty or nice the focus is on encouraging kind behavior. I have to say these Kindness Elves are definitely on my list of mindful ways to celebrate the holidays.